The Return of Beautiful Bedrooms

If you followed my previous blog, you'd know that beautiful bedrooms is a feature in which I give the blogger world a view into some of my favorite blogger's bedrooms. After all, our rooms are our personal sanctuary and source of inspiration; seeing someone's room is like seeing into their soul. This room here belongs to the lovely Amanda of Teacups and Thoughts. I loved the creativity she displayed in taking these pictures; the color and tones of the shots were awesome. Check out Amanda's blog here, I strongly recommend it :)

had a good weekend full of male beauty pageants, the hunger games (ZOMG IT WAS AMAZING), work of course, and physical activities of which I am not used to (time to shape up for prom and shiz). I hope everyone has a fantastic week and, remember, only four days til friday!


  1. I love room tours! And you are right, all the photos are so artistic as well)


  2. I love seeing the details in someone's room! It can tell a lot about that person!



  3. beautiful photos! loving your blog babe! If you like mine too maybe we can follow each other? I'd love if you visited! www.7wondersblog.net


  4. Beautiful pictures. I especially like that first one.

  5. The concept of showing other bloggers bedrooms is such a brilliant and intriguing idea. Bedrooms show the soul of an individual. Their thought process. Their dreams. Their passions. Such a good idea for a series! ♥


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