we all got old at breakneck speed (prom 2012)

Prom-Senior prom, to be exact. It's the day all high schoolers (well, the girls, anyways) look forward to in excited anticipation. The last hurrah, before yearbooks are signed and caps are thrown. My senior prom did not disappoint. My dress was gorrgeous, the venue (and food!) was amazing, and I had a ton of fun. It was wierd, thinking that we weren't going back to school on Monday, to swap gossip and share stories. 
When writing this, I looked back on last year's post on my old blog about prom, finding it vastly different. Last year, I had this endless excitement for the whole event, this sense of naivety I no longer contain. While equally fun, there wasn't a sense of perfection about the event-instead, a taste of bittersweet nostalgia. 
I spent most of this morning snuggled up on the couch with my friends, watching movies and eating pancakes. Its funny, because I spent so much of high school dreaming of having a boyfriend, of spending prom with him and having the perfect date. While I did have an amazing date, I truly realized how much I love my friends-and how I want to spend as much time as possible with them before I graduate. I always thought they were just "high school friends," people I wouldn't talk too much afterwards. Now I'm praying that we keep in touch. For the most part, we're all going to school in Boston-since I'll be at MassArt next year, my friends going to Simmons and Emmanuel will be just minutes away, the ones at BC and BU a T stop away. Even the friends going to school outside of Boston will be close-Bridgewater, WPI, and UNH aren't too far. Ironically, though, it's the friends I consider  to be some of my closest that are venturing off-one to Rochester, NY, one to Canada-and of course, Lysh to Phoenix and Katinka back to Germany. It's scary, but there's still an overwhelming sense of excitement to leave and get out of the boring old town and our boring old school. 
whew, that was long! anyways, now that all of my stresses are gone, I'm free to start blogging again and start the blogger project up again.....I'm excited! Hope everyone has a fannntabulous weekend :)


  1. love your hair! and your dress is so pretty! cant wait for my prom. its tomorrow :)


  2. This is beautiful, Shay! I still hang out with my closest friends from high school during summer, and keep in touch with others on Facebook, but I remember that bittersweet feelin' of not truly knowin' where everyone would end up and what would happen. The memories will definitely last forever! And so will the ones you make in college. :)

    P.S. - These photos are all awesome! I honestly can't pick a fave. ;)


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