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h+m shirt-urban outfitters shorts-gifted necklace-prom sunglasses-target sandals

It's really ironic that I have a "fashion blog", because I post outfits so rarely. There's a couple of reasons behind that; one, I have practically no clothes at this point, since between work in school I live in various uniforms, and two, wellll, I'm camera shy. That right there is really ironic, because I started a blog that would consist of me taking pictures of myself, and being a photographer's daughter, you'd  think I'd be used to it. But as soon as the camera turns on me, I run and hide; I spent most of senior year dodging the yearbook staff (and paid dearly for it with a couple of embarrassing "don't take my picture"  shots making the final draft). The truth is simple; I'd rather be behind the camera. However, I'm making it my goal to take more pictures of myself (wow that sounds vain) in an attempts to become more comfortable around cameras and less self conscious about the way I look. 

On another note, purple hairrr! I dip dyed it a couple of weeks ago. If you're looking for doing it temporarily, I strongly suggest using a semi permenent hair dye like I did, it only lasts a little bit. I'm actually going back to ombre for the summer, but hope to dip dye again later this year when my hair is longer.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm definitely following back! Your hair looks lovely, and I LOVE those shorts :-) xxx

  2. omg!! nice post..i love your shorts!! =))

  3. Love the necklace! And the stripes on your shorts


  4. love your necklace! I hope you visit my blog!

  5. Love those shorts, they're awesome! Really love the purple ends in your hair too!
    Oh, and now I have Californication in my head! :) X

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  6. Know what you mean about being camera shy, I love photography but feel slightly awkward taking photos of myself, but everyone seems to like it so trying to overcome the fear for our blog! Love your outfit! x


  7. I feel really weird in front of the camera, too. :/ I love the photos you take, though, so it's all good! Everything about this outfit is awesome. It's so summery! :)


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