it can't all be wedding cake

pentax k 1000, developed in darkroom two weeks ago

Had such a frustrating darkroom session today, four hours and one print. eurgh.

Took some pictures during the hurricane, which I'll put up sometime soon.... Boston's ok but keep NY & NJ in your thoughts and prayers, it's crazy what they went through xx

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Playlist: Crimewave, Crystal Castles//Kiss with a Fist, Florence and the Machine//Dying is Fine, Ra Ra Riot//The Fallen, Franz Ferdinand//Not Your Fault, Awolnation//The Underdog, Spoon


  1. Yeah, all photos are mine . And London's really a good place to visit !
    Love your photo , and your music :)

  2. wow, moving photographs. i live in ny and hurricane sandy really hit us hard...glad you're doing ok in boston! if you enjoy my blog too, would you like to follow each other? xo jess


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