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Quick little post to announce my arrival on yet another social media network, Instagram. I'm offically obsessed; vintagey filters and being able to document my life through photos is simply awesome. Follow me @shay_brod (I'll follow back as well!)

new theme-like it? hate it? love it? lemme know, yo.

thanks to Ariel for following!


  1. The new layout looks great! I especially love the header. :)

  2. Love your new header! I can't get enough of Instagram too :D

    Just Smile.

  3. hehe instagram gets addictive very quickly :) like your selection of photos though, cats forever <3 <3 xx

  4. I don't have instagram as my phone is so really crap and can't load the internet properly - it's so old. I'm too tight to buy a new one though! One day I may get a snazzy high tech phone to capture some moments as it does seem very addictive! These are super by the way :)


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