guest post; Lauren, Introvert's Introduction

dress/tights/jacket: forever 21 // shirt: mom's closet // collared shirt: thrifted // shoes: target

Hey everyone! I'm Lauren from Introvert's Introduction and I'm here guest posting for Shay! I was so excited when she asked me to guest post for her, not only because I discovered her totally awesome blog, but also because she and I are so similar to each other (we're both college freshman, we both dyed our hair for the first time, etc.). It's always so comforting to know that the world isn't really that big of a place, that everyone goes through the same things and experiences similar stuff, and we can all come together through that. It's like one big universal community, and you're never as alone as you think you are. Just around the corner is someone who knows exactly how it feels to go through some of your situations, and we can all lean on each other because of that.

As for my outfit, I am in love with mixing prints. (So much so that sometimes I leave my dorm room looking absolutely ridiculous ...) I feel like some people are scared to mix prints and colors. I know I sure was! The reason this outfit works though is the fact that I really am only wearing two colors, red and blue, and those two are complimentary colors. All the other colors are simply tints or shades of those two, or they're neutrals. Mixing prints is really all about mixing colors, and if you stick with two or three colors plus neutrals, then it almost doesn't matter the prints that go with those colors. But a good rule of thumb with prints is to have one big print (example: my tiger striped shirt) with a small print (the stars on my dress and the flowers on my collar). If you have two big prints, it's harder to mix together because they like to compete with each other and the eye can get distracted and lost easily in a sea of crazy patterns.

Thank you so much to Shay for letting me guest post, and I hope you have a fantastic day!


  1. Love her style!
    Katie xx

  2. Love your outfit and your hair looks fantastic Lauren!!!

  3. Your style is beautiful Lauren! I love the mix of patterns, as well as the collar. :)


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