as we roll down this unfamiliar road

March 2//Boston, Ma//Canon 20D

With most of my roommates gone for the weekend, I spent a couple of days with the "other Shannon" (Shannon is my real name, though I go by my nickname Shay here), shopping, exploring Newbury St, and eating fro yo. Shan and I have a lot in common (besides our names!) and it was tons of fun. Expect an outfit post or two with my new buys!

Playlist; Phillip Phillips, Home//The Shins, New Slang//Temper Trap, Sweet Disposition//Jack White, We're Going to be Friends//Manchester Orchestra, Simple Math


  1. I love the songs you are putting below on your every post. Love it! ♥
    You have a good taste in music , very classy :) well, have a Good day Shannon! ~( ・ ᴗ ・)~

  2. Great pictures!



  3. You look funny with this spoon :)


  4. Great post! Love the picture of the ca, frozen yoghurt is my ultimate pick me up. I go this place in London called SNOG and it is so nice - always so many toppings to choose from!


  5. Cute pics! Sometimes it's nice when your roomies are gone, it gives you time to spread your wings, recenter yourself and have some good old fashioned alone time. :>

    Also, would you mind voting for me on American Eagle's site. Takes 2 secs lol: https://live.ae.com/#/entries/3272

    I'd really appreciate it! Please and Thank You!

  6. New Slang was one of my very favourite songs in high school! I used to listen to that album nonstop. :) It must be nice to have some time alone or with one other person. Being around a lot of people all the time can be overwhelming.


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