what's in my bag?

I know that I'm about seven thousand years behind in the "What's in my bag?" post, but I figured I'd try and bring it back for the summer!

when it comes to bags, I usually look for a durable tote that leaves my hands free for taking pictures. I usually alternate between these two-the blue backpack was brought back from Senegal by my best friend, and the tote is from flipped bird (excuse the typo in the picture), which is super durable and has made the train rides between school and home a million times, holding cameras, laptops and other heavy things without even straining. 

for the contents of my bag;
moleskine notebook-for all my thoughts and ideas-and, as Amy Winehouse once put it, "once you go black  ((moleskine)), you never go back"
pens-pencil and I don't get along (perks of being left handed), so loads of pens are always neccessary, and as for the sharpie, well, you never know when you'll encounter a nice wall or stall
reading-gotta keep myself cultured somehow, and keeping some literature handy makes it easier to pass the time without reaching for the phone 24/7
iphone- i spend too much time on this thing, mostly instagramming (@shay_brod) or tweeting (also @shay_brod)
wallet-its made out of a london underground map, to hold cards and cash, but usually not cash because i'm poor
film cameras-I always have my babies, usually one of my film and my digital cameras, with me at all times, in case there's a goat or something
umbrella-you'd think that after being caught in several showers, I would remember to bring this with me at all times. Nope. And when I do, it never rains. 
burt's bees chapstick-Keeping dem lips poppin'
sunnies-i'm a movie star, ok? And round frames are the best. 
extra film-feeding my babies when they get hungry (and starving my wallet to develop them)

Ok, so tell me-what's in your bag?


  1. LOL! My first thought was "I'm in Africa and I've never been to a market that sells backpacks that pretty..." Then I realised I'd never been to Senegal... Lovely post and I love both bags. Quick question, as a fellow tote lover how do you keep i organised? I find that after a day or two everything is upside down and it's a mess. Your wallet and sunglasses are gems.

    1. Hi Nomali! I find that keeping a tote organized is incredibly difficult as well, but luckily all of my objects are differently shaped, so I can usually feel around!

  2. This is awesome I love Moleskine too!!


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