may flowers

hey guys! Without further ado, here's May in review!

May was a crazy month. I had finals, said good bye to my life in the city, and moved back home after completing my first year of college. I've spent the time at home looking for a job (a challenge when you have no car and live in a college town, ho hum) and working on some personal projects. 

books read
After the Quake, Murakami
John Singer Sargent;the later paintings
John Singer Sargent; the 1890's

music listened to
21 Pilots
the Neighborhood
Gin Wigmore
New Politics

places explored
Restoration Place, New Bedford MA
Museum of Fine Arts

things experienced
hanging out with my brother in the city
swinging in the Fens
finals (eurgh)
leaving my first year of college
fun nights at the park 
rooms full of bathtubs
job searching
bonfires with friends

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  1. Oh Murakami is one of my favourite authors! Looks like it was a crazy busy month. love the recap!


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