Hey everyone! I just wanted to put up a quick post introducing myself.

My name's Shay, and this is my (new) blog.

I'm a seventeen year old student from the Boston area. I love decrepit buildings, old polaroids, sunglasses, doing strange things in the name of art, anything british, german exchange students ('cause I have one!), black nail polish, and ripped things. I formally had a blog called donewithconformity, but I'm making a fresh start and am excited to focus more on art (namely photography) and fashion. Right now the set up is kind of bare, but I'm letting it slowly grow and evolve. To all those who followed me over; thanks! To all those who are new; Welcome! I hope you stay ;)


  1. I'm so glad you're going to carry on blogging! Looking forward to photography posts xx

  2. Well, duh, of course I followed you to your new blog. I understand your feelings completely. Happy New... er, Start? Yes, that sounds just about right. Happy New Start!

  3. nice new blog. nice layout and lovely writing style. happy blogging, and i am your new follower. cheers!




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