float on-christmas vacation in photos

1. baked german cookies with Kay-there kind of like an almondy butter cookie, very yummy ;)
2. had a lovely christmas with my family, and was lucky to recieve tons of art supplies, some street style books and a pair of toms, among other things 
3. spent an awful lot of time snuggling with my kittyyy
4. went on a coffee date with a couple of friends, including  kay, lysh(pictured below), and rory, who's recently started a beauty blog called "eye of the beholder"; we spent hours swapping stories and planning her blog 
5. had a new year's party(here with lysh), where I took crazy photos and wore my fiesta shirt. 

I can't believe that break's already over! As well as the things mentioned above, I finished my university/college portfolios (except for one), cleaned my whole room top to bottom, worked worked worked, and set off every metal detector during a recent mall trip (gah!)  How did you spend your winter break?
thanks to all who followed me, four followers is off to a great start! Flow Disruption, Ashley, Halcyon, and Josie-you guys are great :)

hope everyone has a great week and weekend :) xx shay


  1. Hey, I'm excited for your new blog! These photos are gorgeous. :) Eating cookies and snuggling with kittens is definitely the best way to spend break!

  2. Aw loving the new blog so far lovely!! Glad you had such an amazing winter break + you look so gorgeous in that final photo! Xxx

  3. great photos!
    laur x


  4. Thank you for the comment on my blog.
    Well, I spent my winter break sleeping and going out and catching up with my reading for the most part. And eating. Sometimes I think that Christmas is an excuse to buy each other presents and to make lots of lovely and yum food - I say we do them more often!
    Also, that cat is gorgerous.

  5. I'm back to college on Monday - can't believe my holiday's over either :( Your cat is so cute! I followed <3

    Ellen xx

  6. Great photos, hope you had a good Christmas :) xx

  7. oh those pictures are absolutely adorable and so festive.
    i almost wish it was christmas again.

    if you’re interested – i’m hosting my first giveaway!

    xx // themerrimari.blogspot.com

  8. The photos came out wonderful! Love the cookies and the second photo! Sorry your break is over but it seems like you had a wonderful holiday!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

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