with no colors on our skin, we were light and paper thin

h+m tee, buffalo jeggings, customized converse

                                                        Fooling around with a couple of concepts here....mainly color vs. black and white, as demonstrated with the shoes. I wanted the pictures to be in a certain order that depicted that they evolve to show that it's the people and ideas of the world that bring it color, that color is essentially sustenece. 

midterms this week, which means shutting myself in my room with flashcards and chedder broccali turkey paninis. hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful week/long weekend. 

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song title: spectrum, florence + the machine

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  1. Wow, what a sweet tattoo! I love how simple it is, it's gorgeous <3

  2. these are so nice, i love the wrist tattoo idea thing. so cute :) thanks for your lovely comment xxx

  3. Oh, what cool pics! Is the back of your bookshelf covered with pics?! So great idea, the simple shelves and the photos play well together! Thank you so much for your sweet comment & following!! :)

  4. lovely pics, great blog - thanks for following now following back!:)


  5. I love the compass tattoo, i think a wrist is such a dainty place for a tat! Hope your tests went well! Xxx

  6. Ahh, it's working!! I tried to leave a comment for a week or so and this page wouldn't appear. I love your new blog!! This concept is gorgeous, especially the line, "They evolve to show that it's the people and ideas of the world that bring it color". :)

  7. I know this isn't the focus of the post but I have to say I love your tattoo :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  8. love the collection of pictures, school just started for me in Australia and I can totally understand the amount of work ad studying done as im piled with work already.

  9. Beautiful photos! x

    http://diaryofmissraj.blogspot.com/ xxx

  10. You have a LOVELY blog - especially love your title and the graphics, really neat :) I'm your newest follower... you can check me out here at


    best wishes

    Seema xx

  11. is it a real tattoo?love it!kisses La Folie 

  12. Love these photos, especially the one with the chucks. Are these yours? Header is also loooooovely! xx



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