blogger project thursday #2.2

Hey guys! I meant to do blogger project last Thursday, but was unable to post these....but without further ado, blogger project 2.2 :)

These two girls are Camilla, from Into The Fold , and Tori, from Tori West . I love Camilla's snappy style and witty commentary, and would just love to steal Tori's entire wardrobe-she's got this awesome, festival grungy style and a closet full of awesome thrift store finds. 

New year, new look, new blogger project. I decided to try something new here and use pencil/soft colors for a more detailed look. And while my illustrations may have changed, my apparent talent for awkward hand art has still persisted. (I'm working on it guys, I promise.) Like the blogger project? Feel free to request a piece by emailing me at athousandmillionwords@gmail.com

All right guys, now I've got a question for you! Have you ever been to Paris? What, in your opinion, are the things to see and do?

I was overwhelmed by recent followings I've been getting! I'm one away from forty :)Thanks so much to Justina and Katrina Bay for following 



  1. Very nice blog!!! Love it!
    Keep on with your project!!

    Hugs and kisses from your new reader and follower



  2. You are so talented! love these :-) xo

  3. Hello! I just came across your blog! I’ve decided to follow you! If you get a minute, I’d love to know what you think of my latest outfit post! While you’re visiting, follow along so we can keep in touch! :)
    xo, elle from Living in Color.


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