live fast, die young

I've always admired the "grunge girl." They have a certain careless, laid back attitude, and tend to seem like they swim the opposite way in a sea of conformity. Society dictates that you're not "supposed to" wear shredded tights and dye your hair purple, yet they do it anyways. 
  Four years of a school uniform-and two years of a work uniform too-left me with little time to build a wardrobe. And although my parents were cool with whatever I wore (barring special occasions), school  rules dictated that I never wore shorts, ripped apparel, or dye my hair. Instead, my wardrobe became a mish mash of american eagle cast offs, boho accessories, and "trendier" staples from H+M. Scrolling through the archives of my old blog, one can see that I dabbled in almost every sort of style-girly to boho, and everything in between-but kept a sort of tomboyish element in every look. And as senior year progressed, I stopped buying flowy skirts, instead lusting over granpa sweaters and nineties shorts.  I gave myself a pink streak and started breaking school dress code rules-sometimes breaking seven or eight on one day. I think that it's a surprise to a lot of people that I want to dress this way-I'm an obedient, 4.0 gpa, never getting into trouble kind of  girl. But dressing unconventionally is a way that I let my personality, and love for art, shine through. I'm excited to let my style evolve, and I like where it's going -kind of a mix of festival artsy grunge, different from the others yet totally my own. Its a great thing, and being able to show it off every.single.day. in college is so invigorating.
What would you consider your personal style to be?

Hopefully I'll be posting some photo diaries soon, once I get photoshop for my new laptop. Oh, and this cool guy John wrote this poem called a thousand million words, which caused him to stumble upon this blog, and he used some of my pics for the poem! check it out here, it's pretty sweet.

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  1. I love so much you're blog. I follow u.
    My name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

    Hope u follow back, dear :) :)

    A lot of kisses.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that song by MIA. I totally hear you about the grunge girl thing.

    and I love your blog, so I'm following.


  3. love that song by mia, and the illustration at the top! and i totally know what you mean with the whole school uniform thing..it's so nice to wear your own clothes now! i love your blog, just started following xx

  4. the grunge look is always so cute with the like chewed sleeves haha. i love baggy granddad jumpers though everyone must do! i used to break my uniform ALL THE TIME, still do tbh even in college i break the 'dress code' who currs! :P love your illustrations, so cute john used your pictures for his poem, it's a lovely poem. hate rihanna, love her outfits in this video xx

  5. I can totally see you as a grunge girl! I know what you mean, though. Some people can pull off anything and make it look totally cool and effortless. Like M.I.A. ;)

  6. i love grunge at the moment! your illustrations are so good, id love to see more :D thanks for the mention too chick! xx


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