and oh, poor atlas

I recently went on a mini road trip to New Bedford with my mom, where we checked out one of our favorite haunts; a restoration warehouse chock full of all sorts of interesting things, ranging from rooms full of windows to an entire train ticket booth. Returning here brought back memories of childhood, of running around with my siblings, hopping from bathtub to bathtub as my parents dug in elbow deep, looking for the perfect doorknob. It was so exciting to go back with my camera and capture such an interesting place!

what summer (spring) adventures have you embarked on recently?

listening to// what the water gave me, Florence and the Machine



  1. That is so crazy! I love it. What a truly fabulous place.

  2. Wow, such a beautiful place in an eerie way. I watch way too much tv to ever have the guts to visit these types of places, but maybe one day! Pictures like these always make me want to

    Mili from call me, Maeby


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