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Roll of film from back in April. I meant to post it as a sort of "week in the life" kind of feature, but it was lost in the tragedy of the Boston Marathon Bombing. But here it is, in all its green tinged glory. 

I'm excited to announce that Lucy of Lucy's Blog has recently awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award! eek I'm so excited, thanks Lucy! The award dictates that I reveal seven facts about myself, so here goes; 

  1. In elementary school, almost all of my belongings would, invariably, end up in the lost and found. This led to a tradition where my mother would collect all of my missing sandwich containers, sweatshirts and lunch boxes when visiting the school-and when I came home, she'd have them all lined up on kitchen table, proving that they weren't "lost forever" after all!
  2. My favorite vegetable in the entire world is cucumbers. I could eat them with every meal. 
  3. I am able to write backwards with ease, and do so when I'm bored. 
  4. My greatest sources of procrastination are the two N's; Netflix and Nutella. 
  5. Whenever I take the T, (Boston public transportation) I'm constantly approached by the most interesting characters, because, according to my friends, "I have an approachable face." I'm not sure what that means, but I've met a bunch of really diverse and crazy people this way. 
  6. Once I have a camera in hand, I become a bold dare devil who will do anything for a picture. 
  7. I have a habit of having conversations with people when I'm half asleep. This wasn't discovered until college, when my roommate would leave for her morning classes. I'd sit straight up in bed, ask her breathlessly, "what day is it?" and then promptly go back to sleep once answered. Also, one time her phone alarm went off and I answered my hand, thinking it was my phone. Oops. 
thanks again Lucy!

On a more serious note however, please keep everyone in Oklahoma in your prayers. A blogger I follow, Lauren of Introvert's Introduction (she guest posted here one time), lived in Moore for a time and has created a beautiful, beautiful print whose proceeds are being donated to the residents of Moore. Please check it out here. 

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  1. Awesome facts! REALLY enjoyed reading them!



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